Your Aura is Blue
Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life. You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships. The purpose of your life: showing love to other people Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor

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This blog started out as a way for me to display and sell my handmade jewelry creations. I have set up shop on, where my shop name is "Dreamin of Beadin". The link to my Etsy store is located on the right hand side of this page. Please check me out!! If jewelry's not your thing, then check out the site anyway ~ there are plenty of talented artists selling lots of cool things there. For your reading pleasure, this blog will serve as a sneak peek into what's going on "behind the scenes" in my world. I love to cook, so there will be plenty of recipes, as well as product reviews and the occasional product giveaway (woo hoo!) I also love to take pictures of anything and everything, and I just bought a new camera, so there will be plenty of photos. And I like wine too, so things could get pretty interesting . . . Thank you for your support of me, Etsy and "all things handmade" :)


Fun with Herbs

Don’t get any funny ideas . . . I’m not referring to anything illegal here ;) Thanks to a good friend, I’ve been learning some new ways to use the herbs from my garden, aside from just cooking with them. For instance, I have a bounty of parsley that is way more than I could ever use. I learned that you can make a homemade facial cleanser for oily skin with it. Perfecto! It’s very easy too. Here are the directions: Ingredients: · ½ cup chopped parsley · 1 tbsp. dried mint (or 2 tbsp. fresh mint) If using dry mint, add 1 tbsp. When using chopped fresh mint, add 2 tbsp. Combine the mint and ½ cup of parsley and add to 1 cup of boiling water. Allow the mixture to steep for one hour. Pour the mixture through a strainer into a jar or bottle. I tried it. It smelled good ~ very clean and refreshing. My sister told me of an herb farm that is near where she lives, and I plan to make a trip there in the next month or so. They are going to be having a seminar on using herbs to make chemical free cleaning products. I’ll be sure to pass along any good tips that I learn there.


jacjewelry said...

That sounds wonderful! I always have a bunch of parsley left over, although I'm guessing one I buy at the store isn't nearly as good for your face as homegrown!

I have a phenomenal mask that uses oatmeal - it'll do wonders to your skin! I've actually been planning to blog about it for a while, so thanks for the reminder. :)

Kacie said...

Have I got a book for you! It's from Seventh Generation and has lots of homemade cleaning product tips.